We are a Czech secondary school in Pilsen (Plzen), the Czech Republic. Pilsen is a cultural, educational and sport centre of West Bohemia with about 170,000 inhabitants and many historical monuments, situated about 100 km far from the capital city Prague. Tourists can visit the world famous spas Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne or the national Park Sumava too. There is a world famous brewery company in Pilsner which produces well-known Czech tasty beer Pilsner Urquell.

Our school has a long time tradition in educating young and adult people in special daily and long distance branches. We educate about 450 students from the age of 15 to 19 in the educational programmes Information Technologies and Logistic and Financial Services. The students who study one of these branches for four years finish their studies with passing the School Maturita Leaving Exam. The ones who successfully end their studies receive both Maturita report and Europass. Many of them successfully continue at universities and colleges.

We also offer a vocational educational programme Operator in Logistics which lasts 3 years and is finished by passing a final examination. The students will receive a vocatinal certificate at the end of their study.

Compared with another educational institutions our school is equiped with all modern facilities. There are 6 modern computer classrooms, a cafe, a school canteen, a fitness centre, an air-supported sports hall and a modern gym. Students who commute to school can use our Youth Home to stay in during working days.

A loft conversion has been finished recently, so we could extend an offer of our specialized programmes. We were able to realize it thanks to the European Union funds.

The principalship and pedagogues try to offer a wide range of out-of-activities. Students publish their own school magazine, visit sport-, culture-and geographical-bee under the supervisions of pedagogues.

We gain a lot of achievements in sport competitions, e.g. athletics and swimming and cooperate in many ecological activities. Several times a school year there are project days held at our school where creative abilities of our students are tested. Foreign trainers from all over the world come to our school to talk to our students and to improve their English skills and knowledge.

We also organize school trips to foreign countries. Our students stay at families and they have an opportunity to recognize how people abroad live and what their lifestyle looks like. We have already been to England, Wales, Italy, France and many other countries.

We draw financial resources from the EU funds too. At the moment we are working on the project Development of Entrepreneurial Students Competence and simultaneously cooperate with partners in another projects including the project e-Twinning. We also have experince with the Commenius programme. Since October 2015 we have cooperated with four foreign schools on the new international project Erasmus+, organized by the European Commission to support better education, professional specialization and sport possibilities for young people in Europe. This project is called The Challenges of Our Cultures and it will last two years. It is focused on the cooperation among young people all over Europe.

Our motto is: ´Life is school and we are here to study´. We hope we successfully work and study at our school and keep this rule.